Sep 22, 2019
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BlueMoonSkye (All reviews)
Oh god, where to even start? Trigger has absolutely outdone themselves, boys. This movie, visuals alone, is the sexiest thing I have ever laid my eyes on. The colors were glorious, the animation itself was glorious, and even the CG was glorious, albeit plagued by some frame rate drops. But trust me when I say they do not take away from the experience in the slightest. Then there’s the visual contrast between the Burnish and the others, most obviously being red vs. blue. So good. Even if I somehow hated this movie, I would watch it again for the animation alone, I swear. Did I mention the colors were amazing?

Now there’s the music, oh god. Now, I’m usually the type of person that doesn’t notice soundtracks, save for maybe a track or two if the ost’s really good, until I’m doing a rewatch, but let me tell you right now buddy, this movie’s soundtrack had me nutting in the theater. The music absolutely SLAPS. They always added to the scenes they were accompanying and really do add to the overall enjoyment of the movie.

And of course there’s the movie itself. Fantastic. Love the lore, love the characters, love the plot. The characters were very easy to get attached to and were all pretty unique. The movie has themes of racism in it, and I think it’s portrayed nicely in an interesting and clearly entertaining way that makes the movie work. I’m not going to get much into the plot here because well, you should absolutely be watching this movie. I swear it is a good time. Trigger went fucking ham on this movie and trust me it shows.

Standalone movies, no matter how good they are, typically don’t get me totally hooked until at least halfway through, since unlike movies that stem from another show, I’m not attached to anything yet. Promare had my eyes glued to the screen and had me invested in like five minutes.

Now there is one thing I am capable of criticizing. The ending is pretty fast. It’s a good ending, still, but it’s the definition of zero to one hundred. Then it’s done. All in all though, still pretty great.

So do I recommend it? Absolutely. Not a question. It instantly became my favorite movie of all time and I hope it finds a place on your favorites list as well.

I’m going to stop here because I actually don’t know how to review movies well and I’m sure this review is messy and bad enough as it is, I just needed to talk about how great this movie was.

TL;DR: If you love yourself even the tiniest bit, treat yourself to this movie. Thank you for coming to my TED talk