Sep 22, 2019
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The very first movie of one of the most escalated shounen anime rising in popularity that was hyped up. People in the BNHA fanbase were excited for it, even I was into thinking it'll be great, but was unable to purchase the movie because of money issues. I just so happened to find a copy in the college library I work at and decided to check it out myself after waiting for so long to do so on a weekend night.

And in a way, I was disappointed to some extent.

What is my issue you might ask? Why am I, who consider myself a BNHA fan, be annoyed with how this movie was played? Well, here's why...

Warning: Spoilers


Story [5]: Okay, the story was a rough 5-6 score point for me. Yes, the story is not meant to be a solid canon to the BNHA main storyline, but at the same time, it's pretty forgettable. It doesn't have a storyline that hasn't been done before in other shounen stories. Defeat some big bad villain and win the day. The only reason that the main villain in the whole story is really there is because of the canon villain in the main storyline. The thing with the main storyline villains that we are introduced to have character development and backstories. That would be extremely difficult to accomplish in a movie timeframe, I agree. But our main villain in the movie is just cheesy. He doesn't really have a real goal besides snatching a person and an item before bolting off somewhere. The 'plot twists' in the movie are predictable, especially if you have watched other shounen movies or even just movies in general before.

All the characters we know in the main storyline or are introduced to in the movie are just...there. They have no real purpose besides to set up the movie's storyline. They are there with the lamest of excuses. Only our main protagonist and his mentor appear to have a swell purpose in there throughout the movie. It's just a coincidence that they're all there. Instead of this, they should've just brought in all the classmates and say it was a school trip or something. But then they'd have to spend more of a budget for this movie with more voice actors coming in, character drawings, etc. You wanna know what pissed me off the most? When the characters are looking at each other, they for some reason have some sort of telepathic understanding of what the other wants from them. What??? It would be as pointless if there was nothing being said that whole time of just staring at each other! Was there something I miss in the main storyline that where the characters all learn this telepathic communication thing with just their eyes? Was there someone telepathic in the midst something letting them do that? I don't understand!

But it would've been more worth the time to push this movie out, right? It's rather obvious the movie was created just for a cash grab with a plot this stiff;

Sorry for the rant there, but here's the plot of it; main protag comes in with his mentor and coincidentally, meets some of his classmates there. They do some stuff together, happy happy, and then the big bad villain comes in to sh*t on their parade. Big bad villain takes down main protag's badass mentor with some other heroes and its up to the main protag to kick his ass with his classmates, get the girl (who won't matter after this movie), and get that happy, pointless ending.

That's the plot. Mediocre is a real good title for the score point.

Art [7]: The art's pretty alright. It holds up to it's main storyline's art. It holds true to the character designs. But I can notice even on my first movie watch that there are animation and drawing errors when characters do something such as running together. Other times, there's CGI... Yeah, that's a tough thing to work with on a 2D animation level. It's not the worst. But it's definitely not Ghost in the Shell levels. One of the obstacles that the characters have to face is so simple and bland-looking that I question why it was even CGI-made to begin with. Only part I thought was ideal to use CGI on was at the very end of the movie due to the complicated nature of what was going on.

I think they could've worked more on the animation progress than what they did, but otherwise, it could've worked off as a typical BNHA episode's level of design, if they throw away the CGI junk.

Sound [7]: BNHA's music is amazing. Always so inspiring to hear and almost never do I skip the opening or endings of each main storyline episode I watch with them. Hearing them again in this movie is none the worse. I expected to have new music though at least and not just revised orchestra themed versions, but hey, I already admitted to knowing this movie was just a cash grab. But otherwise, the music is okay when it is there. Otherwise, it's silent and feels somewhat empty whenever something is happening.

Character [4]: HAHAHAHAHA- This is the fun part. The characters we're introduced to are downright cheap and lazy. As I said, it's hard to get a character developed in a matter of a movie's timeframe, but seriously, one of the new characters are absolutely not even important to have. They're there, because...they're there. They are an addition to some backpiece to the mentor's backstory, but otherwise, they could've been pressed off into some manga chapter or slowly formed in the main storyline over time, not in a movie. The unimportant character, named Melissa, has only one purpose in the whole storyline; to help the main protag get back control of the highjacked island that was taken by the big bad villain.

She has no quirk, relating to Midoriya, our main protag. I can see why she was made; just as a romantic option for Midoriya to squeeze in on. They made it obvious that way when all the convenience female classmates that end up there express their jealousy in the beginning when Midoriya is hanging out with Melissa. Since when did they have hots for him besides Uraraka, our bubbly, gravity-free girl? What was the point? If you took Melissa out of the picture, I wouldn't even notice. We already have good based female characters who know what they're doing in a way of hero's work. Midoriya was willing to risk a life of a quirkless girl who was only there to shut down a system. How does she even know how the system works? Did her father make the system? Did she work with security before? That's like a random citizen of a country just knowing how to bypass their government's system. Really cheap. At least she made this boss invention for Midoriya to use to help him succeed, but surprise surprise, he breaks it and he never will use it again, unless somehow, some reason, she decides to remake it for him to use that won't break each time he uses it.

As for her father who has the North American name Dave, because he is from the United States after all, is in relation to All Might, Midoriya's mentor's, backstory as the dude who just stuck around with him. He was saved by All Might, is quirkless like his daughter, and decided to go into the scientific field to invest his time with All Might as a way to thank him and save lives with him, even if indirect. Dave made this certain device for All Might as to improve his heroism, only to have it taken away due to governmental issues with it. He has an assistant named Sam, who betrays him later in the movie, who holds no purpose EITHER besides just handing the device to the big bad villain. He just wanted money for the device even after working all these years with Dave. Talk about worthless loyalty being as worthless as the character.

The big, bad villain I've been talking about? Don't even know his name. Maybe the movie said it somewhere. I don't know, but I certainly don't remember it. I recall the guy having scars all over his face, who had a hyped up reveal throughout the movie, but other than that, he was just another villain with a mask on who was a goon for an actually interesting main villain in the main storyline. Hilarious they only had the main villain's voice actor come in for like, one line only. So the main villain used the device against Midoriya and his friends, but with great spirit, saves the day with his mentor with his trademark b*tch punch power.

The new characters were bland, while the old characters were stale. They were just there. That's the whole damn movie; the characters are there because they are.

Enjoyment [6]: It was your typical shounen anime movie plotline. It's not bad, but it wasn't something that would make you remember the movie. You could've even not watch the movie at all and just stick with the main anime storyline (or manga's) and nothing would change. The movie really was a cash grab. It was a time mover if you have nothing better to do, but isn't something to spend a whole lot of money on unless you wish to complete your BNHA collection. At least you can brag to any friends willing to listen that you have the copy that you probably won't watch ever again.

Overall [6]: I averaged it out to a 6. Like I said, the movie isn't BAD per say, but not a masterpiece you would want to watch over and over again. Hopefully the next movie they're spawning out at the time I've written this review fix the mistakes this movie made into making something far better than what was given.