Sep 22, 2019
Varjosoturi (All reviews)
Five high school literature club late-bloomers are suddenly thrown into a whirlpool of new emotions, as one of them mentions wanting to have sex before her death. When they all begin their own path towards the hazy world of love and lust, what kind of a ride can you expect?

O Maidens in your savage season is a wonderful story about the journey of youth in all its colours. The subject of growing up is timeless and relatable, something we've all been through. And as a teenager going through these stages I can confirm that this show nails the confusing feelings.
The writing is expressive and interesting, it gives a nice push to the emotional scenes. A danger in shows like these is often the lack of comedic elements, but in my opinion this show keeps a decent balance between serious and light-hearted scenes. I enjoy the use of literary language as well, it makes the story feel almost theaterical. In another show it might've felt unbearably cringy, but considering the setting of this show, the slightly corny dialogue just works. Though I have to warn you, if you're not a fan of sexual innuendos and awkward teenage banter, this show is probably not your cup of tea. The story is also slightly predictable — especially the first half, but that's not going to stop you from enjoying this. If anything, sensing out the "plot twists" will give you a sense of accomplishment and hook you in even deeper!

Every girl in the main cast has a clearly unique personality. Some of them may start off as stereotypical anime tropes, but their traits get stronger as time passes — they are constantly developing, complex characters, with both strengths and flaws. They make mistakes and learn from them. They're written in a way you could easily meet any one of them on the streets. They feel real — it's hard to choose who to root for when quarrels occur! The voice acting is splendid as well, I don't usually pay much attention to it unless it's bad, but the cast for this show did a really good job, it deserves a mention.

Another nice detail I want to highlight is the beautiful art. The light aesthetic pleases the eye and suits the vibe of the show. It gives a sense of fragility. Especially the scenic shots have a really nice sense of depth to them.

Overall O Maidens in your savage season is certainly a ride accompanied by laughs and tears, both sad and happy. Five different lives wrap cleverly into one great story, that will leave you fulfilled.