Sep 21, 2019
Sututuru (All reviews)
Quick quick review. Will loosely organise this one.

Entertainment value was 10/10 for me. Only reason I gave it a 9 was because it ended verrrry abruptly. It makes me sad... it definitely could have and should have had 12 more episodes. The story had so much potential. Though I heard that their funding was cut, so it can't be helped. With that being said, I don't think there was a single moment where I was bored! Probably one of the main reasons why I loved this show.
I would still give it a 10 anyway, but it wouldn't be fair to anyone reading my review. : P (Also, time to read the manga?)

Characters - Loved them! Ganta was our resilient little protagonist, Shiro was a cutie, and the supporting characters all had great, varied personalities. You're bound to find someone you like in this show! Personally, I really liked most of them! Somehow I grew attached to them in those 12 episodes, even half that for some of them. Their back stories really were touching though.

Story - Now, the reason why people wouldn't like this... perhaps the lack of story progression? It definitely skimmed over a lot of things, but as I mentioned earlier, the funding was cut, so it can't be helped. Personally, I loved the action, and the character's and their back stories. It was actually quite touching! Heck, it's pretty much what makes the anime.

In conclusion, I think, it's best to not go in with any expectations. I went into this thinking it'd probably heavily rely on fight scenes/action, and while that played a big part in it, the characters themselves did too! Definitely the main two reasons why I loved the show. That, and it was different. The concept itself was unique, and it was pretty engrossing to see it unfold.

So... all in all, I just loved it. If the plot interests you at all, please, watch it! You won't regret it!