Sep 20, 2019
slavemaster_1991 (All reviews)
Do you like generic slice of life school girls? Do you want a doze of this, but don't want to rewatch something you have already seen? Rejoice, my friend, cause this is exactly what you were looking for!
So about this anime:
-story: as stock as it gets, high school girls living their lives, cracking jokes and being, well, high school girls
-art&sound: it is there, looks ok but nothing stellar
-characters: it is your well established set of every possible trope - you have a stupid girl, a smart girl, a loli, a beauty, a tomboy and so on, and so forth. Those characters don't subvert expectations and act exactly as you expect them to act. I can say that they somewhat have progress in what they are doing, but they don't change a lot.
-enjoyment: while everything above sounds as uninspired as it could be, it still has a good dose of humor in it, so it wasn't a bad experience, though it wasn't a notably good one either.

Overall: generic but fun, recommended if you want a JK comedy, not recomended if you want something original.