Sep 20, 2019
vgk55555 (All reviews)
Really! I do not understand how this anime is rated with such a high score under the romance genre when there is no romance in this anime. I watched 56 episodes hoping to see some good turn of events. It would be more than 3 years or so since both Mitaka and Godai met Ikako, and yet she is playing with their lives. Godai is clearly an immature person who cannot understand women feelings even he is 24 which cause the stretch of the anime. On the other hand, how can Mitaku, an eligible bachelor with a good career could wait for women for 3 years who cannot decide to make a decision! I do not know how the writer has portrayed Ikako's character so contradictory. On one hand, she cares about others but on the other hand, she wasted those two men's life by not deciding her choice which make look like she is a self-centered woman. Both of the men have good women choices in the anime and they could have moved on with their lives if not for her indecision.

The whole anime is a drama which is intentionally dragged to make it a big 96 episode one.