Sep 20, 2019
DarkMageNeko (All reviews)
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I will start with the community reaction to this anime. Most people called it lolicon anime and hated it from the very beginning. In my opinion this anime is a literal gem compared to tons of cheap isekai animes of this season. It's also one of the most heartwarming animes I have seen in a while. Alongside with clannad this anime makes me wanna have a daughter UwU

Story (9/10): The story is located in a cliché world where there are adventurers, guilds, magic, demons and stuff. But what I certainly enjoyed is that there are no overpowered magic user that oneshots anything. There is a life out of magic and combat, there are normal kids going to school and stuff. What Im trying to say is this anime is unlike the other animes int this world setting. The animes with this world setting normally has OP magicians, everyone's families are dead or they have some sort of background like that, everyone except the the protagonist's friends are a villiain etc.
To abridge, this anime shows us this boring bs world setting can be enjoyable.

Art (7/10)
The characters weren't so bad close up but when viewing characters from different aspects or showing them form a distance they looked somewhat weird. Same goes with the action scenes, although it's not all that bad the frames were minimal in some scenes. The eyes were unique (especially Latina's) and I liked them. Character art aside I really enjoyed the BG art. The landscapes or the towns they visited, they were beautiful.

Sound (9/10)
I don't have much to say here. I both liked the opening and the ending Latina singing the opening and Dale singing the ending was pretty cute and good. The opening reflected Latina's happines while exploring the new warm world she has come to well. The OST's were mostly good.

Character (8/10)
I want to start with Dale. Dale is one of the best/strongest adventurers in his town and is pretty busy. Normally, the characters like this are edgy af cool af bois who oneshot everything whenever their theme is played. All they do is slaughter monsters, they dont have much of a life except combat and that's pretty much all they do. Unlike them Dale is a good adventurer in human standarts. He is clever, he is strong knows magic and has a good equipment on. He is not edgy and he is not a god who oneshots everything. Instead he is a normal human who has an ordinary life and ordinary emotions. He doesn't has unlimited power, money or stuff. He lives at the attic of an inn. He pays his rent and has a compassionate heart. He is even clingy to a little girl despite being strong. I loved how the anime showed us that the cool af oneshotter MC's are human too.

Latina is the only one with a tragic background. Dale finds him in the forest all by herself and later learns that her parents are dead. Latina, after losing her all she's got clings to the man who showed him kindness and took him to home after all the hardships she's been through. As the anime progresses Latina learns Japanese and other human world stuff. It's certainly adorable to watch her learn and start interacting with other humans after getting used to Dale going to quests and stuff.

The background characters didn't feature anything special. Latina's friends and The couple who runs the inn (Kenneth and Rita) supports Latina no matter what happens and watching that warms up your heart.

My Personal Enjoyment (10/10)
It was a pleasure to watch A little kid who's lost everything gets a helping hand from another race and grows up in that race. Starting Latina's first moments where she was literally glued to Dale to where she was going to school or shopping even to a friend's house. It was an adventure of a little girl and watching her grow up made me all fuzzy and happy.