Sep 19, 2019
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"Whatever you left behind became my everything and life." - Unknown person

Given is revolution of BL genre. I still don't watch many the genre shows so far though, these were very nice. This show is no exception, too.
Plot is so simple. Mafuyu Satou enters Rock band, and getting better and better in every way there. He must gain life experience while facing his past.
Mafuyu's past is very dark. No One Knows. You can understand Mafuyu's feeling by watching this show. It's not just youth story. True core is bonds.
Ritsuka Uenoyama is a symbol of that. However, He isn't person who is sympathetic to Mafuyu from the beginning. Just his comprehension is slow.
Don't get me wrong. I don't mean to criticize Ritsuka. He is so emotional for someone. That's why he tries to know someone's heart. He is really good man.
Akihiko Kaji and Haruki Nakayama are seniors of band. They're also good personalities. And two men's past were same as Mafuyu and Ritsuka, too.
Everyone has worries. Everyone has distress. Depicting them clearly is this show. After all, they have no choice but to solve themselves, myself, yourself.
I will strong live from now on. Don't you think that too? If you see Mafuyu and his friends, your thoughts may change. You and Me were GIVEN true strength from them.

Notable point of this show is music. It's perfect. I'm a big fan of Rock and Metal from a few years ago. I've been listened to them over and over again.
Centimilimental (solo project and music producer of this show) did great job in every aspect of scenes. OP song is awesome. You'll like it.
Mafuyu's voice also eargasm. His singing voice is really amazing. Shougo Yano acting fits Mafuyu so much. ED song is heartwarming. I moved a certain scene so much.
Other voice actors are part of my favorites. Especially Ritsuka's voice makes me feel wonderful. Pleasant. Just like heaven of handsome guys. This is my ideal form.
Visuals are always stable and so beautiful. I'm not fan of Lerche though, sometimes they do a good job. I love Ritsuka design.

Minus elements are too many comical face and very slow paced. I wanted reduce the former more. Atmospheres become unbalanced.
The latter can't be helped, due to original story. Actually just right pacing. Don't worry. This show never boring.
Whether you can come this show's particular style is most important thing. The greater part is handsome guys dialogues. Probably male audience also enjoy it. So am I.

Once again, Given is a special show which merged realistic depiction, Shounen Ai, Music. I enjoyed this show from start to finish.
Youth doesn't know what will happen. Anyways, cherish time. Don't destroy bonds with your friends. And Live each day to the fullest.
That's all adult like me can say at the moment. Never give up anything. If one does that, you should be see your most important mind. Enjoy yourself.