Sep 18, 2019
RPWPA (All reviews)
Maou-sama, Retry is the combination of every Isekai cliche you could see, from the overpowered MC to the harem forming part, it embraces evrey cliche you could think of and yet for some reason, I found myself enjoying it. The idea of an anime using nothing but cliches and building a world with it seems fascinating to me for some reason and the fact the MC acknowledges all that and acting different helps create more diverse scenes than lots of other Isekai anime.

This is an over the top kind of anime, it doesn't take itself seriously and though that doesn't necessarily make an anime good, it was done here very well to present the story.

The story itself is nothing out of ordinary, a man gets Isekai'd as a demon lord and tries to create a place for him to rule.

The characters are good I guess, you see the obligatory tsundere, kuudere and other different types of characters you find in any anime, they were nice and helped progress the plot and the over the top feel had was great to watch.

The voice acting was great and the overall sound direction was nice apart from the mistake in the ending song in ep 1 and some parts in the final episode.

The art is good but the animation isn't that great, the animation studio seems fairly new so I can't expect ufotable type of animation from them so I personally found it to be acceptable.

Overall I would give the anime a 6/10. As I stated above idk why I found it enjoyable but it wasn't that bad after the first 2-3 episodes.

Would recommend if someone wanted to watch a world being built around cliches.