Sep 17, 2019
Promare (Anime) add (All reviews)
Dukino (All reviews)
Burned like a dream. Sums up Promare pretty well. An absolutely kickass film through and through. Doesn't try to do anything extraordinary with it's narrative but has such spirit you can't help but be inspired and want to cheer. A true crowd pleaser in that fashion. Sets your soul ablaze. Had me rocking in my seat during so much of the film. A true burning spirit resides in Trigger's latest work. While not a huge fan of theirs I'd say this film is their best work. Really shines.

Firstly I'd have to say it's a visual tour de force. Not only a beautiful color palette it's visually stunning on top of that. In constant awe of how, well, pretty it looked. So many purples, pinks, blues and all around bright colors used when showing the flames. Keeps you visually entertained no matter what's happening on screen. Which shows off how good the direction is. Imaishi went all out making this film feel engaging the entire time. Even in the slower talking scenes i wasn't taken out of the film a bit.

The story isn't anything groundbreaking like i said but it has this almost pure ambition behind it. Galo having to confront the truth of his world while wrestling with how he's always seen it is well done. I found learning all the truths kept the film moving along well for it being two hours long. Again I'll say it's nothing you probably haven't seen in this type of film before but it's still good in its own right.

I'm sure comparisons to Gurren Lagann will be made and i could see some small things shared between them but Promare keeps its own head above water. Themes of oppression, heroes not being who you think they are, and challenging societal norms run rampant but the film doesn't take them for granted one bit and instead does its best to create an engaging story within those confides.

The music kicks so much ass. Sawano like Imaishi went all out here. The soundtrack does nothing but pump you up when it's used in those fight scenes. Coupled with how amazing the film looks it makes a killer pair. They play the main theme probably eight to ten times but it never got old. Hell I'd say it only got more hype each time they played it. Making the final battle when it's played that last time a moment I was singing and bopping my head to.

Overall I'd say this was an incredible film. Really shows what Trigger can do. The CG is mixed nicely with the camera work accentuating it well. Not the most narratively challenging film but it doesn't have to be. Did what it set out to do and did it up good. Characters themselves aren't too special but I cheered for Galo, Lio, the Mad Burnish, and all them as they fought for what was truly right.