Sep 17, 2019
youdeli2 (All reviews)
Well, what can I say about this anime? I would say, I was a bit disappointed with this one, based on the expectations I had for it before the season started. None the less, I don't think it was a horrible anime, just, for my money, got a bit repetitive? For a majority of the anime, it felt like things always played out roughly the same way in every episode, and because of this, I found there to be a lack of variety or eagerness in waiting for the next episode.

Story: I thought the story was okay. I think they started things off strong with episode one, and had enough of a twist at the end of it, to make me excited for the next episode and beyond. However, after the first episode, the way things played out just seemed very stale after a while. Things got fairly predictable after a little while. Not to say I disliked it, I just didn't find myself yearning for the next episode every week.

Art: Honestly, I think the art was solid. Nothing insane, but, it got the job done. I think the character designs, and their incarnate forms, were all at least mildly interesting.

Sound: I absolutely loved the OP for this anime. I thought the voice acting was decent, and with the wide variety of incarnates, humans, weather elements, I thought they did an okay job with the sounds. From traversing a snow covered field, to walking through a stone dungeon, I didn't notice anything egregious as far as sounds went.

Character: I thought the character work was the most solid point of the show. I found myself enjoying the dynamic of Hank and Schaal. I found myself hating a certain character after the first episode. I also thought they did a good job of depicting the emotions that ran through Hank on his journey, as well as his fellow incarnates along the way. On several occasions I noticed myself feeling bad for the incarnates, I think this was because they did a decent job of portraying that they weren't necessarily evil, at least not on their own accord.

Enjoyment: Like I said in the story portion, I found myself losing enjoyment with this, because of the lack of variety between episodes. They always seemed to follow the same course, with the exception of some of the later episodes, for obvious reasons.

Overall, I give it a 7/10. Far from perfect, but was enjoyable to me none the less (for the most part). I will watch the second season of this, when/if they get around to it.