Sep 17, 2019
Larruboy (All reviews)
The Girl From the Other Side is the kind of manga that fits perfectly the medium it was born, turning any adaptation pointless. It would be, in truth, pretty tough to translate it into an animation due to it’s simplicity. Nonetheless, this OVA really nailed it, with every frame acting as a gorgeous painting (even presenting a scene that is borderline art house). Considering that all I have seen recently are the most popular animes of the season, this peculiar animation style was truly an endearing breath of fresh air. Well, before I resume this review I must say that I have not read the manga and my conclusions are based solely on the various screenshots I saw.

With that in mind I can ensure that everything I felt was purely from the animation by itself, as I didn't even have any knowledge about the story beforehand.
Because of it’s length, one might think that anything said about it is a spoiler, but nothing much really happens here. One of the most impressive things I noticed is that this short OVA was capable of conveying the feelings of both characters through the story genuinely, in a way that even myself, who knew nothing of it, could tell. The best example of an art piece that gives me a similar feeling is Yotsuba to!, even resembling a bit of Mushishi, but more simplistic and artsy. I mean, you can really grasp some ideas that are important to the environment and characters, but there is no beginning, middle and end, which in my opinion, certainly turns out not being a problem here. So, if you watched it and wishes to understand more, or know what lead things to become how they had, or wants to know what will happen, maybe that’s the purpose of the OVA, to instigate you to go read the manga. Nevertheless, it sustains itself without the extra information. Even though I’m not going to read the manga, I cannot recommend this OVA enough. Mostly because of the animation and some beautiful screenshots you will witness.

Now I’m going to say some things that might be considered spoilers, so if you believe that spoiler spoils shows or you just really don’t like them, watch the anime and then come back to read the rest.
I found fascinating how the characters are initially shown through neutral lens, then, through the girl’s lens, who is dreaming a dream that becomes a nightmare, and then with the “monster” lens, who faces a sort of nightmare (the idea of losing her), which ends up turning into a dream due to the girl’s innocence and curiosity. This dream (rooted in reality) is shared not only by the two characters but also with us, using the open shoot of the lake. Afterwards, the “monster” fantasizes with being able to hold the girl, however, we are brought back to reality, and although reality can hurt, what welcome us back is the girl smile, telling us that despite everything, it's okay.