Sep 16, 2019
Pixeldrum (All reviews)
It's really good. I guess you really can find some hidden gems if you search hard enough. Even though I've watched a lot of series before, this one never really caught my eye.
As a "garbage collector," nowadays I just watch random anime or new anime I haven't watched before, since I've watched so many shows that I've watched all the things I've wanted to watch, so a lot of shows I watch are less popular and usually for a reason: they suck.
But this show is great. You know, a lot of anime I watch nowadays I just check how much longer is it going to take to end. Sometimes though, when I'm lucky, I actually hope the show has more episodes, like this one.
A series focused around comedy, regardless of the other genres, is always hard to pull off, regardless of any medium, anime being no exception. Yet, it manages to pull it off. No real super "unique" characters or setting at all. Yet, the anime is lively, funny, and an amazing watch. It has nonsensical sci fi scenes, mundane ones, romantic ones, yet all of them are all very interesting and funny.
I can't quite put how exactly this series is so great. The overarching plot itself is bare bones and can be explained within a single episode, yet the worldbuilding and plot arcs with the array of characters is probably the reason why I found the anime so interesting. Of course, the animation is great. While shaft doesn't go crazy with this show, their animation style is reminiscent in this show, which is fine. Rather, they keep a simple charm, with emphasis on the comedic scene executions, which focuses mainly on facial expressions, perspective, and backgrounds. I was always looking for more when watching these episodes, the series doesn't ever really get stale as long as the ideas for the plot arcs are good, and the characters are consistent.

If you're a fan of Gintama and Hinamatsuri, I am sure you would like this too. Those two series rank very highly, and I am sure this series will be the same. I'm off to read the manga, but the anime is a definite must watch if comedy is appealing to you.