Sep 16, 2019
lkevsan (All reviews)
Here we go again. A series without a review and considered one of the worst anime shows in existence and I just I have one single question.

HOW THE HELL IS THIS ONE OF THE WORST ANIME IN THIS SITE? Please someone can explain to me how this is so terrible and hideous for some reason.

First of all, this short OVA is based on an old videogame promotion of a PS1 game, with the same name and honestly it is just OK. But not signifcantly a piece of garbage like the mean score makes it out to be.

The story is about a girl called Alice who is a prodigy in computers and one day a cyber attack occurs in the city she lives and since everything is connected to the internet, this attack causes a lot of trouble to the citizens. She discovers the problem and decides to transport herself and her friends to defeat this cyber attack.

The premise itself, it is not bad and it is executed alright but to be called a crapfest, it is nothing like that. If you are looking for that go watch Idea Factory anime or Conception. I must say that some points in the story are not explained. But again its not cringy at all.

The animation in this is very good for 90s Standards. The animation is flawless and there is nothing weird between frames or something like that and if you read my reviews you will know that I really love 90s animation and this one is not the exception, the color palletes used here are really good. Also the creature that appears here and ressembles the virus infecting the internet is very off putting but it is drawn really good to give that sensation.

The characters are just tropes. Don't expect a lot of character development because there is none. But they do the job and basicly I just can talk about the main protagonist Alice, who is a child prodigy in computers, but at the same time she is trying to do her best in that area because she wants to have the best memories of her father with the technology they have.

The opening is good, but with these promotions you got to accept that there is not going to be many changes in that regard from the source material, so in the end it is just the recycled music from the game, which is acceptable. But not memorable neither. The voice actors do a decent job. Nothing sounds forced and the characters sound properly for their age.

Overall just watch it to kill time and see how 90s anime was besides the mainstream airing on TV. It is only 24 minutes in the end.

Thanks for reading this review and see you around.