Sep 16, 2019
Ciggy2017 (All reviews)
The Director of this anime needs to be fired. They rushed the first episode for no reason ruining the pacing of it. The CGI will make your eyes bleed. So bad for such a great Manga. Completely ruined it. Do not watch the anime! Read the Manga or The Light Novel instead!

The story is rated 1 due to shitty directing, they fucked it all up.

The art is rated 1 because of the cursed CGI and bright colors with no good shadowing in dark areas.

The sound is Rated one, too much quiet awkward silence in scenes.

Character is Rated 1 because how they paced the story makes him seem like an edgelord who fell down a hole for a little bit and became Tokyo Ghoul 2.0

Enjoyment is a 1, really saddened and disappointed how the anime turned out. Needs a worse rating.

Overall its 1. Complete dogshit anime, but I highly advise to read the Source material.