Sep 16, 2019
Cdynamo (All reviews)
Well... I can at least state that this was better then Fairy Gone. That's not really a good bar to surpass but it is a bar. To The Abandoned Sacred Beasts is one of those shows that has a lot of things going for it. A good animation studio, a solid premise and from the PVs, a way better version of what Fairy Gone was going for, but this looks a little less boring. Emphasis on 'little'.

The biggest problem for this show is apparent in the first episode in the series. It starts off mid-war where we see these 'sacred beasts' tackle an army fortress and win it with ease. Our main character Hank Henriette (don't worry, the names got even stupider) is the commander of this squad and as we find out these humans can transform into the beasts and we get to know some of them in the first episode. In that same episode, we find out that the beasts can take over the humans minds and make them go rampant. After this, a whole bunch of stuff happens and the episode ends off with the war ending and Hank planning to kill his comrades after he is betrayed by a certain one.

This whole beginning episode is fine setup, but it runs into the same problems Fairy Gone has with it's initial premise. You have this cool idea with a cool world and you have this war with these awesome beasts creatures and you decide... to focus on what happens after it? This show is worse with it, because when we see Hank (or as I like to call him Hank-Hank the killing man) go on killing spree, they have to force flashbacks in because they didn't develop any of these soldiers until their premiere episode. It's a real detriment to the show and it's an important thing to get right.

The sad part is that the animation is actually solid for the majority of it. Yeah, it fairly standard, but MAPPA aren't being lazy with some of the shots either. The music is also fantastic since it's so easy to get hyped with it. It's not the best composition, but it does it's job of getting the viewer hyped (and the ED is really solid too).

Another big problem with the show is it's characters. Hank as a character is fine, but everyone else either lacks in interest. Schaal, who's supposed to be our secondary protagonist feels more like a minor character if anything else. She has 2 of the 12 episodes that's just her and yet she's overshadowed by a dumb twist and a way more interesting best, separately. They just do nothing to make her do anything interesting. You can tell the writing isn't the best when the penultimate episode has to remind you how close the main two characters are. Lisa and the dude that reminded me of the main character form Galactic Heroes barely add anything to the whole that is this show. However, the villains in this are something special man. Cain Fucking Madhouse (Yeah, his real last name is Withers, but he changed so his name is Madhouse to me) is a gem. He's an unorthodox dictator who is so quantifiably dumb that I can't comprehend. His companions include a demon loli and a dominatrix I believe (she does nothing, so who cares).

While the show can be fun when it goes stupid, especially towards the end, but it's overall just kinda boring. None of the episodes aren't very interesting and for the majority, I would just watch with usual sighs and blank staring. I could see people enjoying this, but not for me fully. I could watch a season two, but if it's more of the same then ill probably drop it.Did this show need this long of a review? No, but I decided to do that anyway.

Story: 4/10
Enjoyment: 5/10