Sep 16, 2019
ItzDamonnn (All reviews)
Okay, this is definitely my all-time favourite anime now. Here's why:

Story: I like that it's very relatable to us as middle school - high school students. Unlike SAO, where the main protagonists are just the best at everything, Tsuki Ga Kirei doesn't have that for their protagonists.

Art: Okay, I'm gonna be honest. Their art is pretty questionable, but that's what happens when there's a low budget, and yet somehow their art style feels more warm and relaxing to watch.

Sound: Very good usage of sound, like even down to the smallest details. Akane's mouth noises like *hmm* and how most of the time there's not that much intense background music, like just some piano notes really gets me into the anime since I'm more focused onto the anime instead of the background music, unlike other animes like for example, OPM, where there's a heavy usage of music, Tsuki Ga Kirei doesn't.

Character: Just normal-average characters, nothing special or unique about them. Nothing fancy like fastest in the world or strongest or whatsoever, none of that. Everyone's just in a situation where they would want to confess their love before being potentially separated for high school while being shy and focusing a lot of time using social media to communicate.

Enjoyment: A BIG yes, definitely. Very realistic and relatable, like a heavy usage on social media and wanting to oppose their parents on what they want to do in the future. These small scenes or arguments, though might not interest you when you hear it by ear, are actually fundamental for the plot of Tsuki Ga Kirei since it talks about regular normal teenage lives and their love and whatsoever stuff like that.

Overall: Yep it's close to perfection for me (Don't @ me for those that might not share my opinion). I pretty much cry everytime I rewatch the last scene, even today. Yes, the ending might be debatable since it's rushed, but I'd stick it that way so it doesn't ruin how I think of both Akane and Kotarou as their relationship progresses in the anime. Would recommend if you want to cry and feel depressed if you aren't in a relationship.