Sep 16, 2019
Zachary-Z (All reviews)
- Unexpected Ending, but I like it a lot (Spoiler Alert)

Set aside those illogical and unexplained part from the movie, which I didn't capture because my mind was bind together to the story at that moment, it absolutely touched my heart deeply. 10/10 for the art and sound.

What I can see is the male protagonist-Hodaka trying hard to stay away from being stuck at his hometown, which is a undeveloped small island and want to live his own life at the City - Tokyo. Despite all of the hardship, he made his move and of course he struggles badly. While for the female protagonist-Hina, staying strong to survive after her mother's death, and lastly even fought off the fate of the tragedy of a weather girl.

Both of the protagonist successfully overcome their destiny by making their own choice. They choose to live the life they wanted to and they succeeded.

Many of us feel that Hina should sacrifice for the sake of the world, but she didn't. So should we label her as selfish? Did she caused the flood? I don't think so. She didn't choose to be a weather girl, it's fate lead her to. She discovered her body became abnormal after using her power, and yet she continue to use it for the sake of others' happiness.

Let put ourselves in her shoes. Will us choose to sacrifice for the sake of others? As an adult, most probably we'll say yes, including myself. But deep down inside me will still hope I can continue my life. I'll choose to sacrifice just because I feel I have the responsibility, it's like the only choice I have, I'll have to for majority sake!

Hodaka wish is he wanted Hina to live, just screw how the world will be! No doubt it sounds selfish, but he can. Hina changed her mind at the end by not sacrificing herself. Sounds selfish too, but she can. After 3 years, the city flooded. Hodaka is guilty, he feel that his selfishness damaged the world. But lifes still goes on, human adapt and continue their life.

I admire the concept of living for the sake of yourselves and SCREW THE WORLD spirit here. How many of us often hold back by responsibilities and forced to make sacrifice? Making yourselves as priority is not selfish , with the rule of not hurting other people. At this case, Hina didn't.

Sure it's a lot of imperfections at the story, for example why Hodaka rushed to run away from hometown, come on, he is free after 2 years, why can't he wait? Those gun parts are ridiculous, and the polices are so useless to let a little kids run away multiple times and more unexplained part.

Still, the amount of enjoyment the movie gives me is top notch and I think I even enjoy it more than Your Name. It's a movie that try to deliver a lot of message and I am looking forward the next movie from Makoto Shinkai. Thanks.