Sep 15, 2019
Roboto_San (All reviews)
This manga is a fluffy story about a rather accident-prone man and his overprotective girlfriend. This story is a slice of life like with each chapter being bite-sized and an excellent read to end the day with.

Story 7/10
There isn't much semblance of an overarching narrative, with each chapter being more or less self-contained.

Art 8/10
While the art can be a little under detailed at parts, I like the art style of the manga and have no qualms with it.

Characters 9/10
The dynamic duo are likable and the supporting cast is charming, they are very enjoyable to read.

Enjoyment 9/10
I had a blast with each chapter of this manga, and would wholeheartedly recommend it.

Overall 8/10
It is a delightful manga to read, and its light story makes it easy to jump into.