Sep 14, 2019
UM-momo-san (All reviews)
Is this a Shingeki of trains? Yes, it is. The basic design and plot show that. However, how many scholar animes have you seen ?, if the answer is a number greater than 1 then keep reading and let's talk about Koutetsujou no Kabaneri.

A world of colors in the very onset of the series, a promise of love in a hopeless world. This is how Kabaneri is presented.
Kebaneri unfolds in a world where zombie-like monsters have taken control of the country and people fight against them to regain control. To kill them, have been developed special weapons that pierce the shell that surrounds the monster's heart. However, everything is not lost, some people seem to resist the agent that turns people into monsters, they are called kabaneri and fight against monsters to return peace to the country.
Mumei and Ikome are two skilled kabaneri that travel around the country on armored trains to protect the last shelters of the country while fighting against discrimination of not being totally human.

The main argument of the series is elusive at first glance; however, something smells cooked when you end up the first episode. So I invite you to follow Koutetsujou no Kabaneri and discover what will happen with our protagonists.