Sep 14, 2019
Pixeldrum (All reviews)
This series hasn't aged well at all. Maybe back in 2012, where this type of genre was not done to death yet, it might have been good or up to standards. Nowadays watching this 7 years after its release, it is quite apparent that it's boring.

Because love comedies like this have been circulated way too frequently for me to ever enjoy something so bare bones and normal looking. You know, romance and comedies have gone quite a way, and its apparent when looking at this show. Nothing special about it, and nothing interesting. Very generic supporting characters for a typical romantic ML and FL. So, the story is obviously very simple, but the characters also don't make up for the simple story. Choose one to be decent at least.
I only watched this because my friend recommended it, but oh boy, it was not very good. And it's not terribly bad. Nothing was executed poorly, but its so very typical. The scenes aren't unique, and I can predict what's going to happen most of the time.
Unless you're a huge fan of love comedies or whatnot, I would stray away.