Sep 12, 2019
Erohiel (All reviews)
I want to start by saying that the top review by Karhu is incredibly unfair as I can only assume he has NO first-hand experience raising small children--especially not a newborn and toddler simultaneously.

Throughout the story Kun is very evidently NOT being neglected, he's only being a very spoiled and needy child out of jealousy of not being the center of attention, and whenever his parents have to stop paying attention to him for extremely valid reasons, such as WORK (the dad is not scrolling memes, he's working), cooking, taking care of the infant's needs, or just being beat tired and attempting to get a modicum of rest, kun throws a tantrum like many a spoiled toddler will do.
He throws tantrums over EVERYTHING, things as inconsequential as not being able to wear the color pants he wants.
The parents are incredibly patient throughout, not even subjecting the kid to punishment even when he hits the baby (this goes further to explain why he's such a brat than anything).

Mostly I just wanted to rebut the top review because of how unfair it is. The parents are perfectly average parents, neither terrible, nor wonderful, kun is just spoiled, and throughout the movie learns to appreciate his family and not be so ridiculously selfish.