Sep 11, 2019
Clueby (All reviews)
Despite the overwhelming reviews saying that this is a masterpiece, nobody I personally know actually enjoyed this film... We were all disappointed. That's what this movie is major disappointment.

Let's start with the strongest points
Art and Sound - Goes without saying it's amazing, the soundtrack in particular is very catchy and fits well. The art is good but I would say Your Name had better art, in this movie things may look wonky sometimes.

Characters - Here's where everything about this movie fall apart, the main character is just unlikable and static. It was nice to see him change in the climax but he almost immediately reverted. His reasons for motivation are left empty so it's very hard to sympathetise with him. As for the female lead I can't think of anything interesting to describe her. She's just like that. The best characters are from the supporting cast but even then they can be quite inconsistent at times so I don't know if I really like them.

While I'm at this, the romance is bad. I can see what the writers were going for but it just doesn't work. I do not see why male lead loves female lead so much in particular. There's nothing special in their dynamic and I think the female lead's younger brother probably cares about her more than male lead.

Story - The premises is alright but the pacing and how exposition is given is well, bad. Scenes are badly stitched together and you're left thinking "Wait is this the same movie?" There's entire plot about WHOA GUN but that doesn't go anywhere.

Overall there isn't anything special with this movie, it's hard to sympathetise with the characters. It's ambitious but with no payoff. Scenes are disjointed.

//Here's some spoiler nitpicks:
-Main protagonists never tell each other "I love you"
-Male protagonist seems to love rain in opening scene but then that's dropped.
-Male protagonist supposed to love female protagonist so much but then still get flustered as he think some other random is going to confess to him.
-Male protagonist acts as if going home is hell but then spends another 3 years at home just fine.
-Flood Tokyo for cardboard cutout girl.
-Borger scene for no reason.
-Gun for no reason.
-Female protagonist runs out of mum's hospital room for God knows what reason it's never said. I know it's said so she can pray but why that particular spot why without umbrella.
-Everything happens because movie