Sep 11, 2019
Sebastian333 (All reviews)
This is a sequel from my review in the first season, all of my considerations when watching the anime are mentioned there.

For this second season that cover the final part of the game trilogy, we can see it as the "dark side" of the story, while the first season which cover the first two of the trilogy being the "bright side".

Characters have been properly developed in the first season, so the second season have no problem putting everything into motion now. I can see our main character, Phoenix Wright has truly developed and matured in this season, its very cool to see how he acts and progress now.

And the soundtracks, its awesome, and I never skip both the openings for each cour, i tell you it sounds catchy.

Overall enjoyment is 8, I am satisfied with the whole closure they made. I hope theres season 3 , an original adaptation, that animated up to Phoenix being old and retired and the end. haha.

and folks! remember to watch this in English dub, the voice casts are amazing!