Sep 11, 2019
Sebastian333 (All reviews)
If you are a meticulous literature story/lore person and take everything seriously, this is not for you. Stay away from it. but if you want to find light and warm entertainment and not a very serious person, I HIGHLY SUGGEST YOU THIS SERIES!

For starters, I never play the game before, I don't know any single thing about whats Ace Attorney. The only thing I remember was around 8-10 years ago I occasionally saw thumbnails of the main character at youtube and several meme site.

Anyway, last week I came across the dvd dual audio and decided to watch the series, in English by the way. I learnt Japanese first then English, but I decided to give the English dub a try for this one.

At first, this show looks realistic, its a story about lawyers fighting each other in court. I'm an engineering graduate, I have little knowledge in law and especially court. Therefore, I don't really mind how the system is being used in the story, regardless its pure fiction or not.

As soon as the part "spirit medium" is involved, I know this show is not something to be taken seriously, so I decided to let loose and not taking the whole thing seriously so it doesn't affect my enjoyment. Kids or people that too into literature will not find the story attractable and definitely won't like it too.

But I need to remind you, this review come from someone whom:
1. Never play the game
2. Doesn't care regardless its realistic or not (ex: spirit medium involvement)
as some people would say its "ridiculous" , but not me, I'll allow it and take it as part of entertainment and enjoyment.

So, my enjoyment? I give it 8/10 overall.

1. I like the English dialogues and the interactions, its written and played in a very enjoyable manner! (good job voice actors!)

2. I like how the story gradually become one, piece by piece, and we ends up see the whole picture as we progress through the episodes.

3. I personally like the setting, such as our main character being an adult pass 20 yrs old, freshly graduated college student. (I generally have no feelings to highschool settings anymore)

4. After some research, i found out that this "first season" cover the first two game of Phoenix Wright, of which some people would call "bright side of the story". I enjoyed every parts of elements presented, theres both serious and hilarious moment I personally very enjoyed. One thing very memorable for me in this first season is Wendy Oldbag, shes so funny hahah. and not to mention, all those funny characters faces during funny moments, its all enjoyable.

5. I like the development, I can see that the main character is gradually becoming more matured throughout the series. and I really like it. Also, there were some characters bond getting stronger with each other as the story progress. Friendship is the story's main arsenal to present to its audience. You will see if you watch this adaptation.

and I think thats all , for now. I really like this adaptation, to the point I want to get to know the story's continuation by playing the game, but I'll do that after the anime second season.

Watch this for fun, you will enjoy it! as I enjoyed it so much!