Sep 11, 2019
ibumn (All reviews)
Writing a general review about this show now would be pointless considering the large number of reviews that were already made. That is why this review will specifically outline why Floch is the BEST minor character in not just anime, but any piece of literature and art up to date that i have read/watched.

Firstly, all you need to know about Floch in this season is that he is a member of the survey corps; not a main one like Levi or Eren, just a random one that you'd think would have no significance. That is, until it came to make the big decision...

If I had to describe Floch in a more figurative sense, he is the lone wolf with a different opinion from the rest of the pack and because of that he feels left out almost as if he is a side character in anime (I know i'm hilarious).

Alright. Time for the analysis now.

"We may just be foddle. But even foddle deserve the right to speak freely know what they're getting into." - Floch

In this quote, Floch takes a stand and denounces the leaders of the survey corps. This is important because it shows that the survey corp is starting to crumble from the inside when Floch begins to speak for equal rights for the common scouts. It is also significant because Floch exposes the fact that despite the survey corps fights for freedom, it fails to give all its members a voice. Floch symbolizes democracy for every member of the survey corps.


"Why not Erwin instead?" - Floch

When it came to making the decision of whether to save Armin or Erwin with the injection, Floch was the only person present that was in favor of saving Erwin whereas Eren, Mikasa, Levi,and friends "were swayed by personal feelings and threw rationality to the wind when it came to using the injection," as they wanted to save Armin. This scene in the anime was a good political allegory as Floch represents the political opinion that is ignored.

There are many other great quotes that Floch has such as:

"Eren, somwhere deep inside you you must always think you are right, which is why you suddenly threw a tantrum till the bitter end like a spoiled brat."

The writers use Floch to convey that even Eren, the protagonist is imperfect in his philosophy. It can also be seen as a good foil between the two characters where Floch represents rational thought and Eren is the opposite.

"The only person who can save this world from hell is the Devil himself."

and many more lines that I can't cover in one review.