Sep 11, 2019
Leumas94 (All reviews)
Hero mask is an anime that doesnt feel like an anime. Hero mask is like watching a good sci-fi action movie thriller, besides the anime is really entertaining to watch it has major plot holes and i would like to split the anime in two parts to review it easily.

First Season (First 15 episodes)
The first season is an immersive thriller that hook you from the first episode. The developing of the story and the mistery is very well paced, the cast introduction and their motivations is well presented, but i have a major problem with one character: Harry Creighton, we only see few flashbacks of his backstory and his motivations but we never see how Harry and James how their relationship worked or how their "friendship" was built and for me that relationship was wasted. The final episode was only an excuse to take out 2 side characters from the main story, also for me 2 wasted characters. Overall the flaws and the plot holes the action scenes, the animation, the sound mixing were great and made it very entertaining to watch (7/10)

Second Season (Last 9 episodes)
The second season continues with the mask mistery and introduces new characters to the story. The problem with this season is that doesnt answers all the questions presented in the first season, the pace is rushed, some characters were forgotten (*cough Sarah Sinclair *cough) we dont know anything about some characters like the conspiracy man behind all the problems or the new director of the SEC or even the professor (how he escaped from the asylum?). This season has major plot holes, characters were killed just for the cause, characters personality changed just for the cause made a very disappointing second season. Besides the many downfalls the action scenes and the "conclussion" of the masks mystery is worth watching (6/10)

In conclussion besides all its flaws and not being based on a manga, Hero Mask is a decent anime with good action sequences, very aesthetic and a good mystery plot. So if you are looking for a decent police sci-fi thriller give Hero Mask a try. I hope they released a movie or an OVA explaining in a better way the ending but after all i give Hero Mask a solid 7/10