Sep 11, 2019
wangon (All reviews)
This is my first review I've ever done and I'm glad that I'm doing it on Black Clover one of the first animes to really get me into this whole thing.

Throughout every episode in Black Clover leading up to it's milestone of 100 episodes it's recieved many ups and downs from fans everywhere and this is understandable since the animation isn't always consistent, Asta's screaming at the top of his lungs "YUUUNOOOOOO!!!" annoys some of us and the fillers like in all animes really give a punch in the stomach. For the longest time, whilst watching BC even though these factors effected it I've always latched onto wanting to watch even more because I knew always that I'd be rewarded with something great from this. The 100th episode is exactly what I had been waiting for after the Royal Knight Squad Tryouts, it fulfilled my expectations of what I was looking for and even exceeded it. I was fully satisfied.

As for the openings and endings, I personally think that Black Clover has always delivered with great openings and endings. Opening 6 during the Royal Knight Squad arc didn't really hit me with the impression of greatness as much as Opening 3 did but I grew to like it. Same with this new Opening, it's grew on me and I've started to really like it. The sounds that play a huge part in a Shounen anime have always done a great job in Black Clover. The sound goes well with particular scenes and suspension aswell as tension is always felt when the sound effects of the moves are performed.

Whenever I meet someone who has watched Black Clover most of the time they've dropped the anime around 10 episodes or around 40 episodes in. I always try to encourage them to watch even more but it is understandable why they wouldn't want to continue watching Black Clover. However, I highly recommend for everyone to give Black Clover a try and atleast get to the parts where the watcher is highly rewarded with a great battle. There are many more amazing arcs to come in Black Clover and I am without a doubt sticking with it and I encourage others also to stick with it or start it.

Trust me you will be satisfied with the outcome and what is to come of Black Clover.