Sep 11, 2019
K1ngOfSloth (All reviews)
As episode 100 and with that the first milestone aired yesterday, I thought about writing a review on Black Clover.

First things first- this show has a pretty bad start ngl, that would also be the main reason so many dropped it in the beginning.
But imo it's definitely worth watching. The only real annoying thing is the MC's constant shouting which was toned down quite a bit in later episodes

Anyone who likes a good Shounen should like Black Clover quite a lot- though maybe the manga would be better.
Reason being that the animations really suck most of the time and are sometimes a pain to watch, as if it was done in paint.
The characters also aren't that great. Most of them are pretty flat characters that have their quirk- but nothing else speaking for them. (and with quirk I don't mean their magic)

However the story is really good and the music is heavenly.

To anyone interested in this show: definitely check it out. Regardless of any negative things you heard or read about this. Make an opinion of your own and don't judge after the first few episodes