Sep 11, 2019
Ilasma (All reviews)
Considering the premise of the show, I was ready with tissues. But tears never came. Instead, I got way too bright colours and the awful character design, with those hyper-glossy characters. They even managed to make cats look creepy. Abysmal character development and story. Not one single time anyone told the main character "Your mum was a f***ing abusive bitch and we should have involved the police", but rather "Your mum did love you and wanted you to succeed with music" or whatever they tell him. Every single girl is in love with the insipid main character, which leads to the ridiculous plot twist, which revolves around the following: Hey, carpe diem, but let's throw in some unnecessary twisted communication device (I.e. the eponymous lie) just to get some overdramatic effect. Carpe diem my ass.
The animation of music sections was actually really good, I would have enjoyed those a lot, except for the awful inner monologues, repetitive and way too mature for 14 year old kids.
I cannot unrecommend this enough and I really cannot understand the high praise this show gets.