Sep 11, 2019
noahveness (All reviews)
This Review Will Contain Minor Spoilers

Reviewing The Release Of Episode 100 and Considering Every Episode Before That.

Throughout the time I have watched anime, I have watched and come across multiple stereotypical shounen animes, from naruto to fairy tail, as well as one piece, they all have their own niches and Cliché's/uniqueness. I found that a lot of the older reviews for this were outdated, so that is why i decided to write a review.

When I started black clover, I started off the sheer fact that my friends told me it was an outstanding anime, and guess what? it is.

Story 9/10:
Always on my seat, intrigued to see what happens next. the story of Black Clover is something that I find interesting, it started off somewhat slow, without any hope of progress or chance of surviving the usual seasonal anime longevity, but I was surprised to see that it got renewed for a season 2. The progress and effort from the animators, the now in-depth backstory and genuine development towards the set goal, becoming the wizard king.

Yes, it is slow (at the start), but trust me, you will be in goosebumps and excitement, eagerly waiting for a new episode out every week. So lets somewhat refer this to a game, they may take time to get good and I assure you it takes a bit (20-25 episodes), but I am happy I pushed threw it.

Art 7/10:
Is it good? yes and no. The animation style that black clover shows aren't anything to be amazed at and it definitely isn't up to par with many large studios. I don't find it offputting at all, but each to their own.

Sound 8/10:
from the groundbreaking from under the main character's feet to the countless magic spells the anime shows, it does go to show how well they did, the anime opening is for most the part quite catchy, with the endings being quite lackluster. The only annoying part about the sound would be Asta's voice, whether it's tolerable in the dub, I find him screaming all the time to be a nuisance, but it can definitely be very amusing, especially when he first gets accepted in the black bulls.

Characters 8/10:
I would like to elaborate, All the characters in this show have a goal, whether it's becoming the wizard king, being popular among the ladies or beating a long-time rival, they are all relatable in some way. After episode 50, it seems they amped up the main story and character development to be substantially better. The episodes seemed like a joy, even it was filler, considering haters for this anime probably haven't watched anything past 50, it shows why since this anime literally got a buff/upgrade after those episodes.

Enjoyment 9/10
Watching 20 episodes every day for 2 days straight? Asta becoming a magic knight black bull to then go on his first mission/dungeon clear, working as a team with his peers or stopping the city from being burnt down, every second of this anime was a blast and it will still continue to be!

Overall 9/10:
You see, there is a reason why this anime has 100 episodes, it genuinely is good, from my perspective I think you should give it a shot, the art may need some work though, good luck!