Sep 11, 2019
Gazz (All reviews)
This anime caught me by surprise. I thought this anime will be our usual Romantic Comedy but man this anime is actually wild.

Story: 8/10
Our story starts with this group of girls in the literature club reading some erotic books, then as time goes by, they become curious of sex. Just by that, we have this roller coaster of drama. We have a pairing that the two of them is too shy to confess their love. A girl which hate romantic relationship. Or even a love triangle. The storytelling of this anime is its strong point.

Art: 9/10
As a 2019 anime, the quality of artwork is exquisite. Background is lively drawn; the attention to details in their classroom is awesome. The character designs are original too. The eye shapes, the hairstyle, all are beautifully drawn.

Sound: 8/10
Voice acting is important to a slice of life/drama anime. The voice actor/actress did great in their job during those scenes. You can feel the emotion everytime you hear it.

Character: 8/10
This anime surprises me to have a lot of characters. For starters, we have 5 main characters with unique personality from one another. In the future episodes, more character are introduce that will further enhance their role in the story.

Enjoyment: 7/10
There are some scenes that are quietly disturbing for me, to the point that I can actually feel my heart ache. I know that this should be a point since this is a drama, but that’s not the case for me. You see this anime has a pedophile dude lurking a girl, a teacher and student going ballistic one another, I mean those are dude can be imprison ffs lol. I bet if this anime only focuses Kazusa's romantic story, my enjoyment could be 9/10. But all the characters have their story. Some of these are dark, very dark mind you. It can be enjoyable to others, but not to me.

Overall: 8/10
Highly recommendable. Go watch it for the roller coaster ride of emotion.