Sep 11, 2019
Noob01 (All reviews)
This is a story about a salaryman who has no belief in the existence of "God". Thus when he was killed, "God" decided to make him submit to him by putting him into despair. So "God" decided to reincarnate him in another world as a girl and give him A LOT OF MAGIC power. That was indeed logical. In order to put him into desperate situation, the protagonist must be given high level of magic power and he can unleash full potential of it just by saying "God". How logical thing to do. Anyway, our main character is the antagonist of this story. She is sent to a world where war is all there is. There's also magic. She fights for the German-type Empire and her 12-man squad always wins against 100-man battalion. For some reason, enemies were most of the time shooting at the sky and the guy who was supposed to be putting our mc into despair suicided. If you look at it, for some unknown reason our mc is quite talented about war. Anyway, the story is decent because the main plotholes are too much like those in FPS war games.

The art is amazing. Sometimes CG was used but not too much. The fighting animation was fluent.

The sound of a explosion, weapon firing, soundtracks are top notch. Voice actors did quite a great job to make the viewers feel like that they are actually watching real-world.

Since there are no character beside our mc, there's no character growth.