Sep 10, 2019
alpackz (All reviews)
This anime is an overall a good watch but its inconsistent nature really brings it down alot, by that i mean the art style for fights and the overall 'power levels' or strength of characters often changes. This can be seen in the fight scenes where in one scene a character runs at the pace of a legless rat bound to a wheelchair and fights like one but in another they're flying across the battlefield at amazing speed literally causing mountains to explode from their attacks. and this also leads to the fight scenes being extremely inconsistent, I assume this is most likely due to a different artist that's given a lot of freedom for the fights being used for important battles but the stark difference between one fight is the worst part about the entire series, but when the fights are good they're GOOD. Everything else about the series is decent except some characters that have remained stagnant, receiving little to no character growth. But i would recommend this series to anyone considering it, just don't expect too much or you'll be let down.