Sep 10, 2019
Pixeldrum (All reviews)
it's an ok show, I guess.

It's just hard to enjoy a show when you've seen it done better, and yes, I am referring to Mirai Nikki.
Being given 12 episodes, this show is actually pretty slow paced for what it is. Even if the characters are basically insane because the show wants to be edgy, I can't say that the characters don't make sense, because a lot of screen time is given just to show that. That doesn't mean the characters were good, though. I always find myself kind of wandering because the characters are really boringly predictable. You know, in mirai nikki, everyone is trying to kill MC, there's a lot of action, so you're never bored. Honestly, that's probably what you want from a kind of edgy show. This show has a lot of exposition and character development, but it doesn't really matter when you aren't invested in any character at all. And when I mean character development, I just mean that you understand the psychopath's way of thinking. No one really changes that much other than the 2 main characters.
It definitely gives similar vibes to Satsuriku no Tenshi. I just feel very uninvested since the plot is so boring and predictable. If you want to make something horror-esque or something, make the characters more interesting, or have a compelling plot. I just feel like I'm watching like 5 psychopaths battling it out. And it's boring. HOW? I don't know. You could breeze through from episode 1 and then skip to episode 12, and you would know what's going on, given that you know that this show very edgy and wants people to battle it out. I really tried liking the show, but its just not that bad. Rewatch Mirai Nikki instead if you want a crazy girl. And it's not that Mirai Nikki is a masterpiece, but this show echoes a lot of some of the themes in the show, and it gets pulled off badly