Sep 10, 2019
Kazukiii (All reviews)
This anime started off with a lot of potential but it only ended up being very corny, cliche & generic. Especially seeing that its about 7 different shows mixed into one. Ranging from Naruto, Bleach, Fairy Tail, Zatch Bell etc. The characters are very boring & bland as they seem to either be typical anime troupes or just carbon copies of other characters from different shows. Black Clover also does a poor job explaining the fundamentals of the show. I'm currently on episode 98 and I still have no clear understanding of, where magic comes from, how its generated, categorized magical types, the history of grimoires, the different kingdoms in the Black Clover world, the hierarchy of those said kingdoms, the hierarchy in main Clover kingdom, the hierarchy of magical knights ranking, the importance of squads or what the different squads exactly even do. It's almost like if Naruto never explained what Chakra,Ninjutsu,Genjutsu, Taijutsu was or how they worked. If Bleach never explained the difference between Shikai's & Bankai's or how Reiatsu worked. I could go one for ages. Point is I was excited at the start of the show, watched 98 episodes hoping it would find it's "wings and take flight" but the potential of the show only plummeted.