Sep 10, 2019
Irishchatter (All reviews)
This Yaoi was quite a good read to try out, even though it's not my personal favourite because it's like your typical seme and uke love story type of vibe. I'm sure some Yaoi\shounen readers can relate to that feeling when it comes to reading thousands of them out there lol.

I like the fact the uke was a twin and the seme was definitely a tsundere character. It gave the feeling of wanting you as the reader to wanting to understand them better as characters.I would've liked to see the other guys in the story having their own side stories like it would be nice to see the friends of the seme and uke to get together at least. Also the ukes twin bro with the semes sister.

Although the whole story with the seme and uke was good enough so I haven't much to complain about!

I definitely would give this gay manga series a read if you haven't already. Its a decent easy read!