Sep 10, 2019
johnbradshaw (All reviews)
I gotta admit, when I first heard about this anime, I thought Hanada Shounen-shi would be a water down version of Natsume's Book of Fiends. But oh boy, how I was wrong. Hanada Shounen-shi is its own thing, a kind of traditional Japanese hometown entertainment and a very good one at that.

Right from the start we got introduced to Ichiro Hanada, a mischievous boy - as all kids should be. He's always cursing everyone around him and doing stuff that drive them crazy. One faithful day, he got himself in a traffic accident. Fortunately, he's safe but after that near-death experience, he found himself seeing ghost and from there the journey of our little reluctant hero begins.

This anime took a very different approach from the usual. It's very straightforward, aggressive and surprisingly heart-warming. Its story is divided into small arcs when little Ichiro have to deal with the ghost's problems. And that's the shining part of this show, the plots of this anime is simple yet engaging, lovely to watch and in the same time, pretty touching. It shows that you don't need big words or complicated problems to make a good story, keep it simple and close to the heart is what make the experiences watching Hanada Shounen-shi unforgettable.

And then the characters, my god, are lovable. They interact with each other like human beings, not cliched characters we often see on screen nowadays. With Ichiro in the spotlight, this anime succeeded in keeping the viewers in seat. Ichiro is a kind-hearted kid, he might talk a little too rude but he got good intentions with him. He's also unpredictable. Watching him is such a joy. The humour of Hanada Shounen-shi is often on point with slight moments of offensive.

Overall, Hanada Shounen-shi is a case where you should not judge a book by its cover. You will miss out a lot on this amazing anime with full of heart-touching moments and happiness. I realize how important the people around to me now after watching this show.