Sep 10, 2019
DevilSwordDante (All reviews)
I am a massive JoJos fan so when I kept on hearing that this was the weakest part since part 1 I didn't really know what to expect. What part 6 ended up being was a mixed bag that was went from boring to just above average in terms of quality. However, at no point would I ever consider it to be the worst part.

STORY - 7/10.

The story in 'Stone Ocean' had a lot of potential and to its credit it did hook me immediately. There is just enough going on that it stays somewhat interesting and engaging. However, there a number of parts where it begins to drag a bit too much highlighted by a lot of stand fights lasting waayyy longer than they should. Its two main weaknesses IMO is the fact that the majority of the story is told within one extremely uninteresting location, which leads to villain of the week type stuff( like part 3) and the ending which i won't say too much about because of spoilers but overall it is a decent enough story.

ART - 9/10.

The art in 'Stone Ocean' is amazing and exactly the level of quality you would expect from Hirohiko Araki. Every character and stand design is extremely creative and unique which ensure, if nothing else, that you'll never get bored with looking at the charters and their stands

Characters - 6/10

The characters in 'Stone Ocean' are by far its weakest part with almost none of them being of the standard I usually expect from JoJo's. That being said I really did enjoy Jolyne as the main character. She is consistently fun, entertaining, smart as hell( in her fights) and completely fearless in her many stand battles.I also loved her character development and getting to see her become more confidant in herself and abilities with great to see. Hermes, who would become one of Jolynes best friends, is another great character and seeing her interactions with Jolyne were never dull. Enrico Pucci is another fantastic character and I looked forward to every time we got to see him.Weather Report has one of my favourite backstories in JoJos and is another character who helps keep the story interesting. Sadly through I couldn't really bring myself to care about any of the other characters in part 6 (with the exception of maybe F.F but even then I didn't think she was anything special) with none of them really offering anything to really grab your attention with their personalities being very bland at least when compared to the side characters of previous parts. Especially when compared to the other parts I think the side villains in particular to be extremely boring, to the point where i would want them to be beaten simply so that the story could move on. The stands battle are as creative as you would expect from JoJos but i would say that some of the battles and stand abilities are way to over-the-top and, frankly, stupid even by JoJos standard.

Enjoyment/Overall - 7/10

While part 6 most certainly does have its strong points -great art, great MC, some really creative stand battles- I feel like its negative point are just too glaring. The biggest issues being too over-the-top stand abilities, forgettable sides characters, and some really bad pacing issues