Sep 10, 2019
Masshiroi (All reviews)
Eve no Nemuri can be called also "Yasha: New Generation". The main heroes are children of the characters from Yasha manga, so it is recommended to read that one first. Also, there are some recurring characters from Banana Fish manga. The story focuses on Sei´s daughter Arisa that starts to realize that she, too, is not an ordinary human just like her father was. The situation gets complicated even more when Sei´s clone emerges, produced solely for killing people. Arisa is determined to stop him, what is basically also the plot of the manga.
The manga is still being translated so my review is only preliminary, but as we are reaching the closure I can tell it´s a good story. The art is very nice, the characters are interesting enough and for me, it´s a solid 7/10. If you liked Yasha, you should give a try to this manga, too.