Sep 9, 2019
Sakusa (All reviews)
Hypnosis Microphone, mostly known as Hypmic, is a rap music project consisting of four divisions that fight for their territories and to recover their "freedom." After a revolution carried out by women to end World War III, the country is then divided and governed by them after they decided to eliminate all kinds of weapons and replace them with Hypnosis Microphones. These microphones, legally provided by the government, can be used by selected men to fight rap battles over territory.

Hypnosis Mic: Before The Battle - The Dirty Dawg tells the origin of the revolution, from the moment The Dirty Dawg was formed until the moment of their dissolution, and so the story continues in the other two sequels, which narrate the present of the current divisions.

From my point of view, the idea of the Hypmic universe is original and captivating for a certain audience. However, if you have no previous knowledge of the story, such as having heard the Drama Tracks or their songs, the manga will seem somewhat empty and without coherence. For those who are interested in this world, they should definitely give it a try: not only for the era that these manga are narrating, but also for what is to come. The characters are interesting and each one has a unique backstory. However, the manga itself is only a complement for those who know the story and want to go deeper in addition to all the information that is currently available. Visually, it's great and gives better understanding to situations that the Drama Tracks left to the imagination. But I repeat: if you want to enter the Hypmic world, the best thing to do is to leave the manga for last and read it as a complement to everything else.