Sep 9, 2019
Liv (Manga) add (All reviews)
Williem (All reviews)
Someone who we think of as someone else is actually someone who is valuable to us. Tells the story of where the world was infected with a zombie plague, now the earth is almost on the edge. Focusing on a man who discovers a zombie, but strangely if we assume zombies are creatures that have no sense then it's different from this one. Because the zombies that are here are zombies that are in love ... Formerly this zombie when he became a human she fell in love with the main character on this one, but before telling him he was dead aka being a zombie ... This story starts rolling and they undergo their lives together and find out what really happened.

Sometimes the "one shot" manga is bad but don't get me wrong, try reading this one. The storyline is full of drama and even tears in my eyes because of the tragic story. For the character design, I think the zombies here are not as scary as what we imagine, because this female zombie can be dibilnlang very beautiful even she has a big chest and feelings for the main character. I really enjoy this manga because it has made me cry, and it doesn't need to take much time to reach the end. therefore, it's no wonder this becomes a sad one shot palibg in my opinion.