Sep 8, 2019
Axelthrow (All reviews)
This manga is essentially the same gag on repeat. If you've read chapter 1, you've read some form of almost all of the chapters.

The story isn't told chronologically and just follows a pattern of Nishitaka trying to "beat" Takagi but she always gets the best of him, usually by making him flustered with some romantic undertone. Having to write some form of this so many times results in some of these interactions being stretches that make Nishitaka look mentally challenged or Takagi to look like an actual mind reader.

Strangely the fandom has been commenting "progress" towards every chapter release for a while now. I noticed it being done often around chapter 50. As I'm writing this chapter 110 has released and nothing has noticeably progressed, the characters are in virtually the same situation and relationship as 100 chapters ago.

There are other characters, who rarely get their own chapters, and they all have their own relationship gag like the main couple that essentially repeats every time they appear.

The art style changes heavily during the series. Both the early style and the latest version have their strengths and weaknesses. I found the older style to look rougher but more natural and human, and the newer one cleaner but more anime-ish and less unique.