Sep 8, 2019
hexashadow13 (All reviews)
tl;dr: A manga that gives strong arcs to a lot of characters, though is very lacking in relationship development beyond the setups. 

This is a manga that’s an adaptation of a light novel, and though I haven’t read the manga, I think the manga stands up pretty well in and of itself. It's a very character focused manga, but at the same time it’s kind of strange in that almost all the major relationships are established before chapter 1 even begins. There are flashbacks that help provide background, and most characters have arcs that help flesh them and that relationship out some more. However, with the exception of Kirihiko who is introduced during the course of the plot, the state of essentially every relationship is the exact same during the final chapter as it was in chapter one. The ending seems to try to do a finale that focuses around this, but the ending isn’t very final, nor does it have much impact, but I suppose it is a nice and happy enough note to end on. Still, even with this issue, the majority of the manga is quite interesting. Strangely enough, while relationships don’t develop, most every main character has a pretty strong arc. Murasaki, Shinkurou, and Kirihiko have the most time spent on them and definitely come out with the strongest development. The other major characters, Ginko and Yuuka had character arcs, though they weren’t as strong, though they both still remain quite likable. There are various other side characters as well as villains that all manage to get some development, though not much, and many that felt that they should have gotten more. This is where it most feels like the manga doesn’t adapt everything, and that plot threads and conflicts remain that need to be resolved. Still, it does feel like the manga manages to get through a substantial amount of story and do at least somewhat well by a large number of the cast, which was somewhat surprising to me as the anime essentially only focused on Murasaki. The art style was pretty good, though quality was only decent. I definitely like the tone, atmosphere, and style quite a bit more so than the anime though.