Sep 7, 2019
TmorTV (All reviews)
A fantasy manga with a slightly different theme from the standard, although it follows some clichés, still manages to use them very well in its unconventional theme.

The characters are very good, standard personalities of this manga style but could not be different to fit the story.

The protagonist is very overpowered, and it is fun to see him interacting with the maids and the tutor where he shows off his various masks, his relationship with the main female character develops very quickly, but until then the story itself develops from very fast way, so no problem in that part.

The main female character is extremely cute, and despite going through a lot because she has no mana, he still stands up and tries to outdo himself every day by doing his best.

It is also interesting to see the problem the protagonist faces if he will fulfill his mission or if he will be faithful to the female character.

Overall a good manga, for those who like the fantasy theme is a story worth reading, despite being kept in the clichés and development very fast, you can still enjoy this work with tranquility!