Sep 7, 2019
BrodyJanai (All reviews)
Yami no Koe is extremely underrated. I have been trying to find other Junji Ito manga that are as good as Uzumaki and I just wasn't having any luck. Tomie and Gyo are solid manga series but I wanted better. Upon reading Yami no Koe I was surprised at how good each and every story was. In fact in my opinion the individual stories in Yami no Koe are better than the ones that Uzumaki has. The only thing that puts Uzumaki on top is that Junji Ito was able to weave all the stories together under one setting. The atmosphere and eeriness is amplified when the you build things up for three volumes as opposed to a single chapter. Still, Yami no Koe in my opinion excels in the single chapter story format and I look forward to finding more Junji Ito manga like it.