Sep 7, 2019
Pixeldrum (All reviews)
This is the fourth installment of the spinoff series focusing around Illya, who is a magical girl.

I'm going to review only the third fourth seasons, as I actually thought the first two seasons were good for what they were. Especially the second season, I found it to be a much better sequel than I was anticipating. As for the third and fourth...not so much.

I'm not going to spend a lot of time on the third season, but basically, the first 6 episodes are a nonfactor. If you didn't already know that illya was a magical girl, you'd basically never would have figured it out until episode 7, since the first 6 episodes are just mindless slice of life stuff. Not to say you can't have slice of life, but try to incorporate it into the actual plot. I mean, the third season is basically split into a slice of life section and an actual plot section. Just a lazy way to make a third season, when the first two seasons actually made sense. Plus, the third season's actual plot is pretty linear, boring, and very predictable. The eighth card they are trying to capture is gilgamesh, but that doesn't really matter. He splits off into a child version, who doesn't really do anything but provide comic relief, and some semblance to plot development I guess? Anyway, Illya blows away the eighth card after some ridiculous powerup. NEXT

The fourth season actually doesn't have a split slice of life part and a serious plot part, which is already an improvement. Which is what you think, but it sucks. The fourth season was bold, the first episode shows a lot of promise, but the episodes that follow fail to live up to the first episode's "oomph." Lots of plot goes on, but the anime still decides to just throw in a bunch of comic relief and "funny scenes." It's not just a couple minutes that this takes up, but rather multiple episodes. As a result, the plot is not developed, the characters that are introduced are soon forgotten until they fulfill their plot role, and in the end, you just have a bunch of characters you barely know influencing the plot and driving it forward. While I don't mind new characters introduced at all, the characters that are introduced just end up forgotten. The girl chasing down the counterfeiters doesn't even appear for like 4-5 episodes... Gilgamesh is probably the best thing that happened to the fourth season. Other than that, the ending is also trash. Rather than just wrapping the story up and answer any questions, they just leave everything the way it is and hope for a next season. Plus, a bunch of out of character bs happens for the sake of plot, and things happen when they shouldn't happen. WOW. ok.

Conclusion of the fourth season:
-new characters just "disappear" until they are needed again
-comic relief covers a few episodes, which make less time for actual plot, so the plot is even less coherent
-Plot twists at the end happen, but they aren't quite good because they don't make a lot of sense, while also simultaneously not wrapping up anything