Sep 7, 2019
sarinclouds (All reviews)
This is my first review*

Story 10/10

The story was just amazing. I was indulged in this. It made me curious, interested, shocked, sad, happy. The way the story unfolds was just- At first I was seriously doubting how this would end. This story was well- written, detailed, and its obviously clear that there was a lot of hard work and thought put into this story. It was a great read, I kind of forgot some of the things that happened in the story, because so much happened in this to get to the beautiful outcome, and this has a great outcome despite what happens in the story, you will definitely be surprised like I was reading this, and I guarantee that you will feel a wide range of emotions reading this. If you don't, well sue me!

Art - 8/10
immediately when I started reading this I thought ' i love the art style' the art style is clean and soft, its not hard on the eyes at all. In general, the art is beautiful. The drawings match the story well, the emotion really comes out in the artwork. I could really feel how the characters felt just by the artwork. As for the steamy scenes, it was great. Some critical feedback on the art where the colors weren't really spread out much in the background and not as heavily detailed, although I get it that the main focus is on their faces/ bodies. With this art, you can also really feel the character development and emotions.

Characters - 10/10
The characters in this manga are well-formed and explained. Watching them develop and how they felt was really interesting. Getting to know the characters and their reactions were cute. The development of their emotions is crazy. The development of characters really made the story better. Especially for the twin brother and how he felt about everything, great to see how he ended up.

Enjoyment 9/10

There were some times when I felt unsure about how this story was gonna end, and how its outcome would be. It was crazy reading this and I thought a lot of things. How crazy it was.How hectic it was. How weird it was. How did this even happen? How sad this was. This is a tragedy. Overall enjoyment was great. I got addicted to reading this and the outcome was great. It was a long road to get to the end. A lot of things happened at the start, middle, end. Props to Haribo for this creation.