Sep 7, 2019
Sphinxter (All reviews)
This is oddly philosophical for a trap comic —

I am personally of the opinion that fuzzing too much over gender — especially of cartoon characters — is ludicrous and that especially with the commonplace occurrence of traps that a character's gender is essentially that the author tells you it is: this comic explores on a philosophical level the implications of that concept and the futility of so-called "sexual orientations". Rather than being one's typical trap moeblob (— which is by they way delicious — )this story deals with this situation.

- There is a character that looks female, even looks female in male clothing
- Keeps casually insisting being male though being fully aware of being easily mistaken for a female
- No other character has ever seen this character's genitals

It explores the philosophical implications of that the only thing that makes this character male is his word and the implications thereof for rules pertaining to gender and sexual orientations.