Sep 6, 2019
SaSarou (All reviews)
this is hidden gem why ?
because there is no longer manga like this anymore

this is masterpiece why ?
because it dare to make something new something none can do anymore
not only that it also done in a brilliant way to make interested and excited for every-god-damn chapter

we no longer have manga like this anymore yet people decide to come here and whine how brutal and scary it is

this world is filled with beautiful and lovely manga but what about us ?
us human who yearn for violence and some-brutal fked up things ? there is nothing like that anymore thankfully KNAT got you covered .

and the best thing its not alt-reality or people in a distant island nope not at all
it is your regular school girl but with a miserable life besides her lack of love and real parent she struggle on her own that led here to do some horrible things just to feel her existence
and guess what her school is the harsh reality where everyone bully everyone in a perfect world!!

KNAT is what you have been looking for your entire life not only the story is good the art itself is absolutely amazing well its not a secret he used to drew some Hentai in the past

as for normies just go on continue your boring life nothing to see here